Post Office

Today we started post office! We kicked it off with a walk out to the GIANT school mailbox to send the letters we wrote to our pen pals (way over in Room 11!). Be on the look out for letters coming to your child in the mail.

On the first day of post office the learners counted their valentines, bought stamps, stamped their envelopes, and dropped them in the class “mailbox basket”. Lots of fun was had selling stamps, counting coins, figuring out prices, and making change. Whew, we were busy!

Tomorrow we will start processing and delivering the valentines to our beautiful valentine boxes!

IMG_7598 IMG_7601 IMG_7602 IMG_7604 IMG_7607 IMG_7609 IMG_7611 IMG_7616 IMG_7618 IMG_7622 IMG_7623 IMG_7628 IMG_7630 IMG_7634  IMG_7638 IMG_7642


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