Irene’s Latest Update

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We have been busy since our last blog.  One of the highlights was a scavenger hunt around the school searching for Quiet Mouse.  He had disappeared from our room and left us notes all over the campus!!   Some friends around school helped us to read the notes.  Fortunately he was safely back in our classroom when we returned.
photo 1   photo 2  photo 3
We visited the garden a number of times, noticing what we could hear, see and smell.  This has become the starting point for a class book.  It will be ready by Back to School Night.  We also worked together to create our class guidelines for visiting the garden.
We are continuing to get to know each other, practicing using each other’s names, and finding out about our favorites.  We even made art and a few charts with the data we gathered.
 IMG_7923 IMG_7924 IMG_7926
We’ve been learning to appreciate the ways in which we are similar and different.  Some of the books we’ve read have focussed on these topics – among them Elmer, Swimmy and It’s OK to be Different.  Together we made a book about what makes each of us special, and this will be in our class library for all to read.
The learners are bonding really well and enjoying sharing and helping each other.  
IMG_7897 IMG_7868 IMG_7871 IMG_7895 IMG_7901 IMG_7904 

Some of our classmates have completed and shared their All About Me posters.  We follow up by each making a page for our classmate, and putting these together to make a book all about them.  This activity has allowed us to introduce the kindergarten learners to Brave Spelling.  We don’t expect learners at this stage to spell words accurately.  Instead we guide them in breaking down the sounds they hear within words, and using their existing knowledge of the alphabet to spell the words.  This fosters both independence and creativity.   As we encounter common spelling patterns, I will show them how to recognise and use them in their writing. 


I am having so much fun getting to know your children.  It is a pleasure to spend my days with them.



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