First Day Of Specials! THANK YOU

Reposting this great blog from Jessica (Room 11) about our first day of K/1 Specials. A big thank you to all the parents, and especially those from our room who turned out today – Leigh (Max’s mom), Joe (Anna’s dad), Erin, (Evan’s mom), Michael (Georgie’s dad), and Mans (Pavan’s dad).

SCCLC Room 11

We had an awesome time today with our first day of Specials.  A big thank you to Leigh Casamento and Cindi Hunter for organizing the volunteers and materials.  Also to Rich Gee for making our labels even though his daughter has moved on to 3rd grade.  Lastly a giant thank you to everyone who has stepped up into a leadership or aiding position.

I was reminded today how amazing this program is.  One specials lost track of time because, “They were having so much fun!”  Learners came up to me to show me their bracelets and they were full of pride as they asked me to help put it on.  Other learners came up to me to show me their sun and explain how they created the solar system out on the field.  Learners beamed knowing that their parents lead or aided a special for the rest of the day.  It truly…

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