First Field Trip of 2014/15

As part of our Families Unit, we visited my family’s abode on October 6th.  After weeks of cleaning and organizing 🙂 the apartment was ready for visitors.

First, the house rules:


Once we determined no-one was a spider, zombie, shark or vampire, we could proceed.  Such fun!!!

IMG_8158 IMG_8159 IMG_8160 IMG_8161 IMG_8162 IMG_8163 IMG_8164 IMG_8165 IMG_8166 IMG_8167 IMG_8169 IMG_8170 IMG_8171 IMG_8172  IMG_8174 IMG_8175 IMG_8176 IMG_8177 IMG_8178 IMG_8179 IMG_8180 IMG_8181 IMG_8183 IMG_8184 IMG_8187 IMG_8188 IMG_8189 IMG_8190 IMG_8192 IMG_8193 IMG_8195 IMG_8196 IMG_8197 IMG_8198IMG_8199


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