Field Trip to San Francisco Zoo

We enjoyed a wonderful visit to the SF Zoo on March 31st.  Thank you to all our drivers.  Our learners joined Gina and her Room Niners for the docent tours, and then played to their hearts’ content at the zoo’s playground.

P1090659 P1090660 P1090661 P1090664 P1090666 P1090667 P1090670 P1090671 P1090675 P1090676 P1090677 P1090682 P1090684 P1090685 P1090688 P1090689 P1090693 P1090695 P1090700 P1090703 P1090704 P1090705 P1090707 P1090708 P1090709 P1090710 P1090719 P1090720 P1090721 P1090724 P1090729 P1090731 P1090735 P1090737 P1090739  P1090742 P1090750P1090741


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